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Hi, I'm Guinevere... 

..and this is a window into my heart, in service to yours.

This is my heartsong.

Here you will find all the ways in which I can support you to connect to your body,

heart and soul so that you, too, can sing your unique heartsong in the world.

The time is now...

Your heart is beating. You have a dream to be lived. 

It is my mission to guide you into remembering your

Divine Frequency of Love as a Master Creator on this planet.

Are you ready to create your own reality?

Exploring the sacred arts of ceremony, sound alchemy, dance and prayer, we can together create a safe space for you to dive deep into your heart, create a pathway for healing, developing trust in your intuition and discovering the courage to manifest your wildest dreams...


From my heart to yours,

Welcome xx



Guinevere is a global inspirator on a mission; as a multi-dimensional artist and vocal channel for universal wisdom, she is passionate in creating experiences to awaken and heal the heart, and activate our personal and collective dreams.

Guided by a cosmic connection to the stars, yet grounded through her intuitive connection with her body, Guinevere is the epitome of an empowered woman living in accordance with her passion and her purpose, radiating authenticity, joy and aliveness.

Having trained with master practitioners in sound healing, ceremony and shamanic practice, as well as having a wealth of experience in group/ one-on-one facilitation and a background in music, performance and public speaking, Guinevere now combines her wisdom to offer transformative experiences, through creative practices and the presence of absolute love. 

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Guinevere is also Co-Founder of transformational festival and online community platform, Colours of Love, and vocalist for music duo Wild Sirenda. She has spoken on notable panels worldwide on conscious hedonism, community creation and futurist societies and is an advocate for social change through collective evolution. 

Previous clients and interviews:

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