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Ceremony of the Senses Portrait.png

Come and join Guinevere on a journey into your body, heart and soul as we awaken and activate the senses through a powerful guided visualisation meditation. 

This journey will leave you feeling more connected to yourself, more at ease in your body and more open to inspiration.

To register for the meditation, click HERE

You will need:
Somewhere comfortable to sit on lie down
Water for hydration

Good speakers or headphones 
The following selection of oils:
- Sandalwood OR Cedarwood
- Cinnamon OR Nutmeg OR Thieves
- Orange OR Citrus
- Rose OR Jasmine OR Joy (Young Living)
- Eucalyptus OR Peppermint
- Lavender 
- Highest Potential (Young Living) OR Frankincense 

Please note, even without oils, you will still be able to enjoy this guided meditation.


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