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11.11 Manifestation Portal.png

On this sacred and powerful portal of 11.11, you are invited on a journey to activate your dream blueprint and align with your highest creative potential

This is a one hour guided visualisation process to activate your subconscious into aligning with your dream. 

Using visualisation, music and channelled song, this journey will leave you feeling more connected to yourself, more at ease in your body and more open to inspiration.

To register for the meditation,click HERE

You will need:
Somewhere comfortable to sit on lie down
Water for hydration
Good speakers or headphones 

A pen and notepad 
Paulo santo or sage for smudging
Any essential oils you like to work with

11/11/22 @ 11pm ICT timezone (Thailand)
8am PST/ 11am EST/ 4pm GMT/ 5pm CET
(You can check your timezone HERE)

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