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Are you ready for your heartsong?

Let's work with sound to awaken your heart and activate your dream. 

I offer:
- Sound Alchemy  (online/ in person)
you receiving sound healing from me as a way to help you attune your intuition and receive guidance from your celestial guides and counsel

- Voice Activation (online/ in person)
Discover the power of your voice. Giving you the confidence to sing freely, speak publicly or simply be able to express yourself clearly. We work with vocal coaching techniques and holistic processes to open voice and throat chakra into your most magnificent authenticity. 

Sacred performance and Vocal Channeling:Do you have a music project, event or performance you want to take to the next level? I offer my voice as a ceremonial experience, to transmit the energy of absolute love by acting as a vocal conduit for universal wisdom and Pleiadian sound frequency. Having toured worldwide with successful dance music duo, Wild Sirenda, and collaborated with multiple music producers, I am a professional recording and performance artist with a successful commercial background. 
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