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Open the Heart, Activate the Body

Cacao is a subtle, yet transformational, plant medicine which can be used to access the heart and emotions to support a greater awareness in self-enquiry and move through emotional blockages on the pathway to healing. 

Cacao as a ceremonial medicine originated in the ancient traditions of the Meso-American Ancestors. 


Cacao Ceremony can be combined with other healing modalities that help support the mind, body and spirit in health and wellness.


When used in conjunction with movement medicine, we create space for the intuitive wisdom of the body to guide us into a deep communion with our inner landscape.

Come with me on a journey to discover this heart activating medicine, and how you can experience it through ceremony or through ceremonial facilitator training. 

Cacao as a Medicine

Cacao is the raw form of the bean that is more commonly consumed in it's processed, heated form as cocoa, known ubiquitously worldwide as the main ingredient in 'Chocolate'. 

When cacao is consumed in larger quantities in it's unprocessed, raw form, it maintains the extraordinary health benefits in its long list of vitamins, mineral and compounds, which are supportive of heart, womb, digestive and mental health... and more!

Cacao was first used ceremonially by the Mesoamerican ancestors of Central America, the Olmec people, before becoming a ritualistic medicine used by the Aztec and Mayan cultures.

Alongside cacao still being used traditionally in these cultures today, it's capacity to support emotional processes has inspired ceremonial use throughout the world in combination with other practices, such as meditation, yoga, dance, sound healing and therapeutic counselling. 


Due to certain active ingredients that help release ‘feel good’ emotions such as dopamine, cacao is considered a 'heart opener’, especially when ingested in this raw, minimally processed form. 

When used with intentional ceremony, this beautiful medicine gives you the opportunity to connect to yourself and open your heart, supporting any transformational shift you are working towards. 

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My journey with Cacao

10 years ago, I went on a journey to heal my heart, and my physical body. I spent 2011 bedridden with an auto-immune illness and in 2012, through a relatively short period of time, I had what can only be described as a ‘miracle healing’. 

One of the most catalytic experiences on my path to health was a cacao and dance ceremony, in which I received such a profound heart healing that I set my life in motion to humbly learn from mentors and shamans around the world, to facilitate cacao ceremonies for others, in support of their journey to healing, and gift back what I had so gratefully received. 

In the past 10 years I am honoured to have facilitated thousands of people in cacao and dance ceremonies that combine meditative heart practices with somatic movement medicine, through a 5 element dance system. 


Whether used in my 1-2-1 coaching, intimate experiences of 15-30 people, or a collective ceremony of many hundreds, I am honoured to be in service to this beautiful heart medicine. 

Should you wish to book a cacao or dance ceremony with myself or Wild Sirenda, or combine cacao with any of my other ceremonial services, you can contact me HERE

Upcoming Ceremonies & Facilitator Training Dates

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Cacao Ceremony with Wild Sirenda

16-19 December 2023

Cacao Ceremony with Guinevere

bi-monthly New Moon

6 WEEK ONLINE FACILITATOR COURSE: Learn how to create transformational experiences through the art of ceremony and the heart-opening power of raw cacao. 

Should you wish to book a cacao or dance ceremony with myself or Wild Sirenda, or combine cacao with any of my other ceremonial services, you can contact me.

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