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Your life is a Ceremony

Throughout time, ceremonies and rituals have been used to bring focus and presence to meaningful experience; to unite, to celebrate, to grieve, to release, to inspire... to transform.

A ceremony is usually to mark a special occasion, and is often built upon various rituals that are symbolic to the occasion. A ritual is an act or series of actions that bring significance to an intention or desire. 

I help facilitate and 'hold space' for rituals and ceremonies to support the important transitions in your life. 

'Holding space' means creating an emotionally safe, non-judgemental and supportive environment so that you are able to relax in your experience, knowing all aspects have been taken care of. 


Some ceremonies I help facilitate:
Wedding Ceremonies
Blessingway (pre-birth) Ceremonies
Birthing/ Naming Ceremonies
Birthdays/Coming of Age Ceremonies
Menarche (menstruation) Ceremonies

We can design a ritual for any life transition or transformation; namely the process of calling in (what you desire), letting go (of what is no longer serving you), empowering (yourself) and manifesting (getting clear on and magnetising your vision). 

Self-love, cord-cutting, letting go and house cleansing are amongst some of my ritual offerings. 

To discuss your ceremonial or ritual enquiries, I welcome you to connect with me here:
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