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Guinevere is a global inspirator on a mission; as a multi-dimensional artist and vocal channel for universal wisdom, she is passionate about creating experiences that awaken and heal the heart, and activate our personal and collective dreams.


Guinevere epitomizes an empowered woman living in accordance with her passion and purpose, radiating authenticity, joy, and aliveness.

Having trained with master practitioners in sound healing, ceremony, and shamanic practice, and boasting a wealth of experience in group and one-on-one facilitation as well as a background in music, performance, and public speaking, Guinevere now combines her wisdom to offer transformative experiences through creative practices and the presence of absolute love.


As the Co-Founder of the transformational festival and online community platform, Colours of Love, and a vocalist for the music duo Wild Sirenda, Guinevere has made a significant impact. She has spoken on notable panels worldwide on topics such as conscious hedonism, community creation, and futurist societies. Her notable speaking engagements include guest appearances at Pernod Ricard University and the Dubai Future Foundation. Additionally, she is a sought-after event host and compère, known for her dynamic and engaging presence.

An advocate for social change through collective evolution, Guinevere continues to inspire and lead with her unique blend of talents and insights, fostering connections and sparking transformation wherever she goes.


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