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DOLFIN is a cosmic high priestess and acid house/shamanic vocalist looping artist, blending ethereal sounds and primal rhythms to create transformative musical experiences. With an intuitive connection to the cosmos and a deep-rooted understanding of ancient shamanic practices, DOLFIN's performances transcend the ordinary, inviting audiences into a realm of mystical exploration and healing.

Harnessing the power of looping technology, DOLFIN layers her haunting vocals with hypnotic beats, creating immersive soundscapes that transport listeners to otherworldly dimensions. Her music is a fusion of acid house's pulsating energy and the spiritual depth of shamanic traditions, resulting in a unique and captivating auditory journey.

As a high priestess, DOLFIN channels universal wisdom and cosmic energies through her music, serving as a vessel for healing and awakening. Her live shows are not just concerts but sacred ceremonies, where every note and rhythm is infused with intention and purpose. Audiences are invited to connect with their inner selves, release blockages, and embrace their highest potential.

DOLFIN's artistry goes beyond music; it is a holistic experience that integrates sound, ritual, and spirituality. Her dedication to her craft and her ability to connect with the divine make her a transformative force in the world of music and beyond.


Whether performing on stage or in intimate gatherings, DOLFIN's presence is a beacon of light, guiding others on their journey toward self-discovery and cosmic alignment.



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Wild Sirenda PressShot.jpg

WILD SIRENDA is the exhilarating force of love that is Lizz and Guinevere. One the Wild. One the Sirenda. To feel it, you must experience it. A music, voice and dance transmission that creates a space for powerful transformation on every dance floor. Wild Sirenda utilise their creative energies to open a portal to higher realms, weaving deep house, tech house and world music with channelled ancient wisdom in an energising and commanding dance floor experience.

In 2013 Wild Sirenda was conceived as a DJ/vocalist alliance born out of universal love and focused on a beautiful and ambitious vision: to create a movement of empowerment and freedom through their music and their message. Representing perfect opposites - the light and dark, the masculine and feminine, these two women hold a clear intention to help activate and awaken every heart on the dance floor and beyond.

Having trained with master practitioners in sound healing, ceremony and shamanic practice, as well as having a wealth of experience in music and performance, both Lizz and Guinevere now combine their wisdom to create an immersive experience, providing a direct connection between artist and audience. Moving through a range of deep, soul-enriching music, Lizz creates a soundscape that moves from etheric to tribal - from Heaven to Earth and the journey in between. Meanwhile, using ancient techniques to become a vocal channel between the seen and unseen, vocalist Guinevere shares messages of universal wisdom, positive affirmation and encouraging mantras to help awaken the collective consciousness. 

As the pursuit of spiritual growth becomes more widespread in modern times, Wild Sirenda provide an unparalleled depth of experience that is the catalyst behind the a surge in their own popularity, creating a mutual cycle of growth and nourishment within the spiritual sphere and music scenes across the globe. Their sense of fun, freedom and untainted self-expression inspires everyone who is fortunate enough to experience one of their exhilarating performances.

Performing on notable stages around the world, such as the revered jungles of Mexico's Sacbe, Habitas, Thailand's Wonderfruit festival, they have graced the last ever Drop stage at Secret Garden Party UK, energised the Main Stage at Croatia's Love International and serenaded the Global Eclipse Gathering in Oregon before activating the Kazbah stage at Burning Man. Alongside this, Wild Sirenda launched their own intentional festival, Colours of Love; worldwide experiences in ceremony, music, art and community, whilst another big step forward this year is the release of their first EP, as well as forthcoming collaborations with renowned producers. 

This is a pivotal year that sees this powerful duo continue their successful mission to leave a trail of admiration in their wake for bringing something real and profound to the dance floor. In times of uncertainty and divisive messages, Wild Sirenda continue to flourish with their quest to unite all beings, spread infinite love, inspire people to embrace their inner beauty and allow their souls to bask in the abundance of universal bliss.

Are you ready to be Wild and Sirenda…?

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